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levelUP is a comprehensive system for Network Marketers that has everything you need to succeed...all inside a single, smart app. Connect more authentically, stay in touch effortlessly and always know who your hottest prospects are! levelUP combines all the tools you need to build your business in a single mobile app.

Get all of Darin's top trainings and resources, PLUS everything you could ever need to run your business for just $19.95/month!

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The New Era of Network Marketing...

The days of pushing your way to sales and recruits are over! You can get rid of your prospecting fears with permission based marketing. What if there were simple ways to ask permission without being pushy and making things uncomfortable? What if you were only sending information to those who wanted it? Let us introduce you to Authentic Sharing and our levelUP system all delivered through an APP.

It’s like having a virtual assistant and digital marketing agency working for you in 1 spot right from your smart phone! 

What if there was a way to....

  • Quadruple your and your team's prospecting
  • Make Prospecting natural and comfortable and getting Exposures Fun and Easy
  • Improve the Quantity and Quality of New Exposures 
  • Have a clear Scoreboard to Track all activities automatically 
  • ​Be included in our Private/ Exclusive Facebook community with NEW trainings each week. You will immediately have access to hours and hours of previous trainings worth THOUSANDS of dollars! 
  • Always have the right tool to build your business with you 100% of the time

Learn why team leaders and seasoned network marketing professionals think levelUP is a 'GameChanger'!

All You Need is a Mobile Device

Personalized Viewing Pages


Build Camaraderie with Rewards and Gamification

Automated Follow-Up

Team Confidence is Built In

Huge Library of Company Resources

Intelligent Analytics Help You Nail Your Messaging

All You Need Is Mobile

All the tools needed for success are loaded right in the App. Your team doesn’t need a sales pitch, just a person who’s interested in more information. They enter the prospect’s information directly into the App on their smartphone - quickly and easily - add notes or schedule a schedule a follow up reminder.
Intelligent algorithms track engagement, then show you which contacts are most interested in 'Hot Prospects'. You can also see all actions the prospect has taken in the 'Activity Log', for the smartest, simplest follow up ever!

Automated Follow-Up Notifications

Forget your lists, follow up has never been so easy with levelUP’s smart notification features that let you know when your prospect has viewed the information sent. This feature, combined with the 'Hot Prospects' algorithm, is a powerful time saver that always shows which prospects to focus your time on first. This is a huge benefit to people who have limited time to start their business. You can also easily schedule follow ups and sync them directly with your calendar.

Huge Library of Company Resources

Stop searching the net for your company videos and information. With levelUP, all your company approved digital resources are loaded right in the App (videos, pdfs, audio files and more). No matter what the prospect you’re talking to is interested in, you can quickly find the best resource and send it to them instantly via email and text, or share on social media.

Personalized Viewing Pages

Seriously professional presentation. Your prospect views your information framed in a personalized page, complete with your company’s branding and a welcome message from you. There’s even a contact form right on the page, so prospects can easily get in touch. Any information they enter on that form is automatically loaded right into levelUP’s contact details for you.

Build Camaraderie with Rewards and Gamification

Different ways to motivate, incentivize and reward your team are built right into the App. Creating prospecting challenges for your team encourages friendly competition and motivates them to work on their business. They can scroll through the Rewards feature to view different challenges and the reward they could earn. levelUP tracks all the details for you and your team can see their progress right on the App.

Team Confidence is Built in

Helping new recruits overcome confidence issues is a snap with the App! levelUP turns prospecting into a simple conversation and an offer to send information. From there, the App takes over, sharing the company story in a professional way. Team leaders can also become a training partner through the App and receive notifications that help them work more effectively with their team on follow up.

Intelligent Analytics Help You Nail Your Messaging

Which videos are watched the most? How are contacts engaging with your resources? RapidFunnel’s back office analytics give you visible answers. Here you’ll find important information like open rates, click rates, and stats about your resources and campaigns. Company administrators can easily hone in on what’s working, or lagging, and refine the content to deliver the best possible performance.

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