Shave 1-2 Years Off Your Learning Curve and Jump Start Your Business in Just 6 Hours!

Whether you're brand new or have been in the business for decades!

You've Started Your Network Marketing Business...

But You're Stuck or Frustrated and Don't Know Where to Go?

Are you excited about building your Network Marketing business but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are stuck and just can’t figure out what is holding you back? This is why I decided to share what took me YEARS to learn in a 6 session course that can double your sales in 12 months or less.

Here's how we'll do it...
  • 1 Secret to Building Your Business Faster
  • Learn how to attract people to YOU
  • How to recruit prospects with ease by knowing exactly what to say
  • Tips on approaching people and building relationships
  • ​How to say LESS and make MORE money
  • How to share info with prospects without pressuring them
  • ​Invite your team and get everyone started on the right track!

Join the Crowd! Save Yourself Years of Struggle! 

Get Ready to Start Seeing Growth

Session One - Four Types of Knowledge

  • My Time -Tested  Business Strategies will cut years off your learning curve and help you build a business that can create the life of your dreams
  • Uncover 4 keys to learning faster in order to rank advance and achieve your goals sooner. 
  • My “motivation hack” to keep pushing regardless of how you feel in order to build a successful business around your busy life.  

Session Two - Attraction Marketing & Social Media Tips

  • Harness your existing social media presence to find valuable leads WITHOUT alienating friends and family.
  • 3 Tips to set up your profile to get more qualified prospects reaching out to you to get more customers and reps into your business.  
  • My hush-hush “Attraction Action” formula that gets more likes, comments & shares, AND converts that engagement into excited leads who are interested in what you have to say!

Session Three- Strategies For Success

  • Discover my Rocket Ship Formula that shows you how to launch your business faster in order to create more new starts, rank advancements and commissions throughout the month. 
  • ​Build a strategy that helps you work your business into your life without being overwhelmed!
  • ​​Finding "The Big Mo"- My keys to crafting momentum throughout the month that sets you up for duplication as you grow.
  • The most common mistake to AVOID when closing your month.

Session Four - Getting Customers, Recruiting, and Team Building 

  • ​Discover my 3 Secrets to Recruiting that I used when I was a distributor that lead me to THOUSANDS of personal Customers and over 1,000 Personal recruits!  
  • ​Recruit 10 people in 10 days - my foolproof strategy to duplication and building your team.
  • How to have instant credibility without selling or convincing using my “Hollywood Movie Pitch.” 

Session Five- Mindset and Top Tips on Recruiting and Team Building

  • My '3-Step Duplication Formula' that grows your downline and allows you to rank up AT WILL regardless of market conditions or the size of your personal network.
  • ​Keys to finding qualified prospects and building a list that never stops growing.
  • ​The most effective prospecting scripts that reveal exactly what to say & how to say it, in order to enroll new distributors week after week with confidence and posture

Session Six- Prospecting and Follow Up

  • Discover my Follow Up Formula to use without pressuring people, being pushy, and having people never want to connect with you again.
  • Learn how to use simple assignments to get your team to do more exposures and get results faster. 
  • ​How to answer any question with posture and confidence without selling or convincing prospects using my famous 4 Word “Cowboy Pitch.” 

What You're Getting

Session 1: 4 Types of Knowledge - $120
Session 2: Attraction Marketing & Social Media Tips - $99
Session 3: Strategies For Success - $115
Session 4: Getting Customers, Recruiting, and Team Building  - $120
Session 5: Mindset and Top Tips on Recruiting and Team Building - $99
Session 6: Prospecting and Follow Up - $110

All this for $663 $149!

This Business Accelerator Academy Has Changed Lives!

How Will It Change Yours?

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